donderdag, maart 17, 2016

In memory of joppe


 03 - 01 -2013 ❊ 16 - 03 - 2016

vrijdag, maart 11, 2016

We feel calm

A lot of things still have to be arranged, but i also feel very calm. the sunshine does me good and i let myself surround by everything i love. searching after soft baby clothes, making little clothes, working on colour samples for new crochet work i want to start next month and let myself surround by flowers and work for school. week twenty seven of my pregnancy started two days ago, our little baby start to get an own rythme. i imagine how our little one will sound, look around with tiny eyes, streches the little arms and legs. So close our little wonder is in my belly, but also looks so far away. with soft kicks, turnings our little one communicates with us and going further with growing calmly and warm in the belly of mommy.